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ADAU1467: share clock in SDATAIN and SDOUT?


I have an external I2S device, which shares the same clock (I2S_BCLK and I2S_LRCLK) for both I2S_TXD and I2S_RXD. I plan to connect I2S_TXD to SDATA_IN0 and I2S_RXD to SDATA_OUT2 (the port number is irrelevant, I can change that), both sharing the same clock (which is mastered by external I2S device).

I have been checking, and I can't find a way to, internally in DSP, use the same slave clkin in SDATA_IN0 as clk for SDATA_OUT2. So, I guess the only chance is to externally clon this clock and feed it to both port clk pins, is that correct?

From your experience, is it possible to use the same net (output from external I2S device) to feed both clk input pins (IN and OUT) or it should be actively duplicated with some clock chip? From my point of view, there shouldn't be problems with LRCLK, but I am afraid with BCLK (input capacitance, signal degradation...).

Is there any other way to do this?


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