adau1452 ASRC can it work on 32-bit audio


I am working on a system design that supplies 4 audio streams to an ADAU1452 from 4 different "clock" domains. Each stream will be fed into the ADAU1452 via one of it's SDATA inputs which will be working in the Raw 32-bit mode.

Because the 4 clock domains are not synchronised then each will need to go through an ASRC so my questions are:

1) Do the ASRCs work OK with 32-bit data?

2) To make the SDATA ports work in the Raw 32-bit mode it seems I should include them in my Schematic design but turn all the 'ticks' off i.e.

and use the Hardware Configuration -> Routing Matrix Tab to connect the input channels to the ASRCs

is this correct?

Thanks for any advice


  • Hello PhilipJ

    1) Unfortunately, the ASRCs are only 24 bit. They are in hardware so there is no way to change this. Are all the sources 32 bit? If only one of them is 32 bit then you can set that input synchronized to the core and then the others can use the ASRCs. 

    2) If you are using the ASRCs then you do not even need the input block at all. You will be using the ASRC input block and like you mentioned, the ASRC inputs will be set to the serial ports and this happens before the signal ever reaches the core. So this is why you do not need the input blocks. 

    But, it is 24 bits. 

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    Does this limitation to 24bits of the hardware ASRC exist on the ADAU1462 as well ?

    Thank you.

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