ADAU145x Version control configuration


I'm facing an issue that I can't get around : In order to maintain the software on our microcontroler, I would like to be able to get the firmware version of the DSP softwares that are inside the selfboot memory.

I found out that there is an option in Sigma Studio to do that and this wiki explains how to do so :

I managed to read back the version of one of the 2 DSPs we have on our product, but the second one gives me weird data...

I read the last 4 bytes of DM1, as mentionned in the wiki :

- DSP1 (ADAU1452) 0xAFFF returns the good version number when read

- DSP2 (ADAU1451) 0x9FFF returns wrong data.

Is there something I'm missing ?

Thanks for the help,


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