Need to control ADAU1452 from its Evaluation Board using uC I2C connected to slave port from the 10Way header the eeprom will be in selfboot

Hello I am working on a new design that requires a microcontroller I2C interface to control the ADAU1452. The ADAU1452 start up program comes from EEprom and the uC will be used to manipulate the parameteres of the different components of Sigmastudio program.

-To start I purchased the ADAU1452EVAL BOARD and the microcontroller is an AVR Atmega128A.

-Created the project in Sigma Studio 4.5.

The test program is very simple, I download the program for selfboat to the EEPROM using the USBi and its booting up properly I can listen to the audio signal.  

My problem is that the commands sent from my uC to slave I2C port of the ADAU1452 is not working.

1.- On the 10Way header, I fixed the pins 1-7(SCL) and 3-5(SDA), also connected on pin 10 GND. SCL is 40K ( I read the recommendation is to work bellow 400K) and I am sending via I2C the info I programmed, I checked with an oscilloscope the I2C DATA and its what I programmed

i2c_write(0x70); //DSP Address
i2c_write(0x16); //Gain Control Slew address avoids pop sound
i2c_write(0x04); //Cantidad Bytes 4
i2c_write(0x00); // 4 byte de data

i2c_write(0x70); //DSP Address
i2c_write(0x15); //Gain Control Address
i2c_write(0x04); //Byte Qty 4
for (itemp=0;itemp<4;itemp++) //data received from Computer

2.- I believe that address of DSP and Gain control are correct: The picture shows when DSP is being used via ISP using USBi, thats why address shows 0x00, snapshot took from capture window:

3.- I  did not use on the 10way header the pins 6 (DSP Reset), 8 (MOSI), pin 9 (/SS) . Not sure if this is why its not working. DSP Reset is clear the function, but the other 2 pins are not that clear for me.

4.- Do I have to configure a Dip Switch?

Thank you