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Upgrade from ADAU1701 to 6 or 7 stereo I2S inputs

I need to connect the DSP to a raspberry PI and the PI can only do I2S (in and out) at 48k and no TDM

There are also 2  TI  TLV320ADC6140 ADC's  both capable of I2S and TDM

And we run out of instructions on the 1701 so we need also more instructions (about double of the 1701)

is the ADAU1445 a solution ?


possible solution options
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  • Hello Benno,

    I would jump up to either  the ADAU1467. You can configure it for a large number of I2S inputs. I don't recall the max number but it is greater than 6 or 7. 

    Does the PI have that many I2S outputs? 

    The ADAU1467 is a much more powerful DSP and more efficient. Then add to it that it will execute 6144 instructions per frame at 48kHz verses the 1024 of the ADAU1701. 


    Dave T

  • The PI has only 1 I2S (L+R) and can not do TDM

    the TI adc has I2S and TDM (I use 2 of these quad ADC's) and the 1701 can only handle 1 TDM or 4 I2S inputs. 

    Also found the ADAU 145x witch seems to have almost the same specs but is more cost effective.

    what is the difference between the 1467 and the 145x (i don't need ASR or S/PDIF)


  • Hello Benno,

    So you need one I2S, and either two TDM4 or one TDM8 inputs. Your earlier post made it seem like you needed 6 or 7 I2S lines which cannot be done with the ADAU452. It can only do four I2S inputs. It can also do 4 TDM inputs so it can certainly handle the one I2S and one or two TDM lines with no problem.

    The ADAU1467 has more pins and has assignable pins to solve the issue of only being able to take in 4 I2S lines. So that is why I suggested that part. It is very close to the 1452 but it has more memory, faster SPDIF, the serial ports expansion pins, 8 AUXADCs instead of six, and more GPIO.

    So use the ADAU1452 family of parts.

    Dave T