sound systems ADAU1701


wondering if it is possible to build a 4.1 channel system with two adua1701?

similar sound systems that sit in the car

front speakers

rear speakers


is it possible to link two adau1701 together?

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    on Aug 15, 2020 12:49 PM 3 months ago


         You can pass two channels of audio from one ADAU1701 to another via I2S -- or up to eight channels with TDM.  The transfer incurs three samples worth of delay (latency) which will affect speaker phasing, etc. unless you add compensating delays where appropriate.  There's also some hardware issues to consider:

    Both DSPs should run off the same clock source -- I recommend a packaged crystal oscillator feeding both MCLK inputs.

    Place a damping resistor (about 47 ohms) in series with each MCLK line near the oscillator -- see this post:

    The MP pins used by I2S / TDM won't be available for GPIOs or Aux ADCs

         After examining your application you may discover that simply running your -1701s in parallel -- feeding each of them audio and taking their outputs as needed -- could work without actually sending audio across them.  This would be a lot easier.

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