Audio processor recommendation for megaphone project


We are working on a low-power battery-operated megaphone/bullhorn project (purpose is to amplify a user's voice). 

In terms of the audio flow, the user's voice will first be captured by 1 - 2 digital MEMS microphones.  Next, we'll conduct the audio processing necessary to isolate and clarify the user's voice and eliminate feedback and echo.  Specifically, during this audio processing stage, we are considering implementing low-latency noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation, as well as voice detection.  After processing, the audio will flow to a class D mono amplifier and then finally to the speaker.  

Is there SigmaDSP-compatible audio processor or CODEC that you would recommend for such a use case?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 9, 2020 7:14 PM in reply to MichaelSD


    You may want to look at the SSM4567, SSM2529 or SSM2537.  Note the ADAU1787 can provide I2S output or PDM output to the amplifiers.  The SSM4567 and SSM2529 can accommodate I2S or PDM.  The SSM2537 can only accommodate PDM. 

    In PDM Mode, the SSM4567 supports a low latency mode via I2C register or PDM pattern.  The SSM2537 only supports PDM low latency mode via PDM Pattern (the ADAU1787 can generate audio PDM output but not PDM patterns). 

    Please let me know if there are more questions.