ADAU1466 HW slew mute modules parameter host update

Good morning

I'm developing a new product using the ADAU1466 SigmaDsp.

My schematic contains some mute HW slew module and I'm trying to manage they from my microcontroller

I've notice that if I try to write parameters in safeload way these module doesn't works.

In effect when I mute these module in SigmaStudio I notice that the iteraction used is a BLOCK WRITE and not a SAFELOAD WRITE

I've notice another strange thing: for update it I have to send values in little endian format and not in big endian how I use for safeload values update.

Can you explain me these difference?

It depends from module to module?

It' possible to update they using safeload management?

Thanks  in adavance

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 23, 2020 7:48 PM 8 months ago in reply to Siro_78

    Hello Siro_78,

    Yes, the mute cells are just a simple case of a gain cell. Since a DSP does not do logic very easily, it is much faster and fewer instructions to just do a multiply. So instead of checking if the audio is muted or not then acting on that, it is faster to just multiply it by a gain factor of zero or one. On or off. The GUI in SigmaStudio will only send it a zero or a "1" in 8.24 format based on the checkbox in the GUI. So with your controller you could send it another value to use it as a volume control if you want to. 

    The mux switches are the same. If you have a three way switch then you have three gain controls and then they are summed to produce an output. SigmaStudio will only place a gain of "1" into one of the three parameters. So you can actually use them to sum if you like by giving it gain values. 

    Sorry this response was so late. We have been a bit busy recently. 

    Dave T