ADAU1966 Communication over TDM bus

Hello everyone!

It's the first time that I am using ADAU1966, and it looks like I can't make it work! 

More specifically I am looking at the  Communication over TDM bus, I am sending signals but ADAU1966 is not responding to generate anything.

Is it possible to be because of the noise my PCB has or because of firmware setting?

Any pointers will be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 21, 2020 8:39 PM

    Hello Mary,

    I would love to help but my crystal ball is in the shop and so I cannot see into your settings or hardware setup. Slight smile

    It could be about anything, a mismatch of serial port settings between the sending device and the DAC.

    It could be, and most likely is, wrong frequencies being sent to the DAC. That would be the LRCLK, Bit Clock and the Master clock. 

    It certainly could be noise on the PCB. I have no idea the format you are attempting to use, but if it is TDM16 then the timing margins for the setup of the data to the bit clock is quite small. 

    Which device is a clock master?

    Where is the master clock coming from?

    What is the mode you are operating in? Stand alone or microcontroller?

    What are the pins and components around the DAC? 

    What are the register settings. 

    Then it is good to see the waveforms on a scope. This will often point to the problem rather quickly. Here is a post I wrote to show how to take the screenshots of these signals.

    So give me the info and we can figure this out. In the process of gathering this info you might actually find the problem. 

    Dave T