How to implement real-time convolution using SigmaStudio function blocks for ADAU1787

Hi everyone,

I want to implement FxLMS-based ANC on ADAU1787 and I have no idea how to implement the convolution with real-time audio signal and the dynamic coefficients using SigmaStudio function blocks. Is there any example of implementing convolution using SigmaStudio function blocks instead of using FIR filter.

Just wonder if it's possible to implement FxLMS using only the SigmaStudio function blocks without implementing the assembly code on ADAU1787.


  • Hi Poiechao,

    Sorry for the delay in reply. 

    For your question on using FxLMS algorithm on ADAU1787. It can be implemented in SDSP only but not at 384K/768K sample rates. The SDSP would have upto 1024 instructions available @ 48K sample rate using the FAST mode. The number of instructions would double at 24K sample rate but would be limited by the memory to 2048 words. 

    We do not have example right now but I have requested one from our Algorithm expert. We may include that in SStudio once available.

    Typically FDSP is used for ANC specific signal processing. There is option to update the FDSP filter coefficients thru SDSP and is in works right now. It will be made available once ready in SStudio. 

    We do have Assembly code manual for the FDSP only and can be made available on request. The SStudio provides the development mode to upload your own Assembly code. But then you lose the graphical representation. 



  • Hi Rajeev,

    Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the FxLMS implementation on ADAU1787 from ADI's experts soon.
    You mentioned that "Typically FDSP is used for ANC specific signal processing", just wonder that how do i implement ANC functions on FDSP since it has limited instructions and function blocks in SStudio(with only one filter and even there's no delay block)?
    btw, it's possible to update the SDSP memory(data,parameter,register) on the fly using SStduio function blocks instead of using the microcontroller interface?


  • HI,Rajeev:

    I need the Assembly code manual for the FDSP but I can't find it.Can you send it to my email or give me a Download link?