Sigma Studio -> Linkwits Transform


This is my first post. Please bare with me, as I am not an egineer and I am learning the basics of Sigma Studio to configure my ADAU1701 DSP. If this is not the correct site to make my rookie's  questions, just let me know. 

I am using my ADAU1701 to integrate my subwoofer to my mains and to get the proper room response. It's a DIY 15" sealed SW and I would like to implement a Linkwitz Transform to get better low frequency response. 

I already implemented using another DSP software (from MiniDSP), but I would really know how to implement it on Sigma Studio. From the spechsheet I get the digital biquad coefficients, that they look like this:

a1 1,996297042315250
a2 -0,996303883545513
b0 1,001259526446320
b1 -1,996288114509760
b2 0,995053284904683

I don't know where to integrate properly this info in Sigma Studio. Well, this is my birst question regarding my ADAU1701, but I have a ton more... hope you can help me. 

Thanks in advance!