ADAU1467 will not write to self-boot EEPROM

I've designed a PCB using the ADAU1467 DSP. I've been able to program it using Sigmastudio and the DSP seems to be running properly, but I can't seem to get it to write anything to the self-boot EEPROM. I've probed the SPI interface to the EEPROM while programming it after a link-compile-download, and there is no visible activity on any of the pins. I'm following the programming instructions in the ADAU1467 evaluation board user's guide. I've included a jumper that can switch the SELFBOOT pin between high and low. My DSP and EEPROM (24AA1024-I/SM) circuitry are copied from the evaluation board.

Below is a screenshot of my schematic showing the programming header, self-boot jumper (I've removed R23 and R24), and the EEPROM circuitry. The big component on the right side is the DSP.

If it matters, I'm running SigmaStudio 4.5, attempting to program the EEPROM doesn't give me any errors but checking it against the latest compilation returns an error.

What can I do to debug this?

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