ADAU1452 -> ADAU1462 ASRC and 192kHz SPDIF

I have a product that has been in the market for several years now using the ADAU1452.  

It's only limiting factor for us right now is that the SPDIF input on that part maxes out at 96khz and we have many customers wanting to use 192K (or higher) PCM spdif data input into our product.

I am testing with doing a drop-in replacement with the ADAU1462.  So far, I am having some issues.

The program doesn't run perfectly with no changes.  This may be related to the changes in the DM paging.   Or maybe there is another PLL change? 

The SPDIF input through the ASRC appears to be working only to 96kHz and the TDM128 Inputs and outputs appear to now be at the wrong word rate.   We are expecting to run at 24Bit 96khz i2s over TDM128.  4CH per a serial port.  And this is all functioning correctly on the ADAU1452.   Dropping in the 1462, the L-R Clock for the serial ports connected to the ADC and DAC are both now running at 192kHz.  Our MCLK Frequency is 24.576mHz. 

So: The questions are:  

Is this expected for doing a drop-in replacement of the 1462 in place of the 1452 for the clocks?

If so, and a recompile in SigmaStudio will fix that, is there a register we can query in the DSP so our firmware and customer GUI know which part is installed and the proper image sent over?

And the SPDIF input is the real kicker for us.  Is the 1462 really work at 192K on the SPDIF input reliably?  Will the above recompile currently fix the issue that the I am seeing with this where the 1462 with a 192kHz SPDIF input has regular dropouts and clicks. 

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