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Controlling AD1939 via master control port ADAU1452

Good Morning,

I'm currently working on an audio frontend, using the ADAU1452 and the AD1939. The AD1939 is connected to the master control port of the ADAU1452.
The AD1939 should be configured during startup with the "startup boot" control block.
I generated the XML configuration file like explained in an older forum question (
I used following control port properties:

- SPI Mode 3
- Target Bitrate:            10kHz
- Sub-Address Bytes: 1
- Command Length:   1
- Write Instruction:       8

Unfortunately the properties page doesn't look like the old one, so I'm not entirely sure that the settings are right.

For a first test I used a "sine tone" control block and connected it to output 0/1.
I checkt the output signal with an oscilloscope, but couldn't get a signal. Checking the I2S and SPI signals showed that they are present.
I'm not sure if the configuration of the ADAU1452 or the AD1939 is wrong or if I made a mistake in the hardware design.

Could you offer a software example for the ADAU1452 controlling the AD1939 to compare with my configuration?

Thank you very much

Dominik Schmid

  • Hello Dominik,

    I attached a file that has an example program and an XML file for booting up an AD1938. The register set is the same for the 1938 and the 1939

    You will have to check the actual register settings to see if they match your hardware. I think this project was using TDM8. 

    If you do not see what the issue is with your files then give me more details. Your hardware schematics, what parts need to be master or slaves, your clocking system and your register settings. Your SigmaStudio project would also be helpful. There are some many ways to operate these parts that I need more info to help you. 

    Dave T

    ADAU1452 Bootup AD1938 Codec