Volume Based High pass Filter

Hello, I am new to this and am trying to use a wondom amplifier with adau1701 built in to make a speaker with dsp. Basically I wanted to shift a high pass filters center frequency from 12Hz at the lowest volume up to 55Hz at full volume but I am not sure this is possible. The only examples I can find online are using the DC input/integer values to change the between 2 filter options (i won't lie i do not fully understand this) but I would like it to be a more gradual loss of low frequency information rather than just starting off with the 55hz highpass.

Thank you so much for any help, this looks like a very powerful tool if I can learn it. If there are useful links that could also help me get started to understand things like the look up tables etc please attach those links... I am going to school for mechanical engineering and programming is not my strong suit. :)