ADAU1452 no data in


I'm trying to get an ADAU1452 running in a very simple setup using SigmaStudio 4.4.

It's basically the following:

I2S (48kHZ, 32bit) -> SDATA_IN0


The DSP is fed with a static 24.576MHz clock and I configured ASRC0 to pull data from the SPDIF receiver. Everything compiles and seems to flash fine. When reading the ASRC_RATIO register I can see it being 0x1000 when send 48kHZ to SPDIF and 0x0eb3 when sending 44100kHz, which looks ok to me. Also the SPDIF_LOCK_DET register correctly switches between 0 and 1 if I plug/unplug the SPDIF input.

Now I've drawn a schematic with a AsrcIn block and a SDATA 0-15 in block. I connected DSP readback elements to channel 0 of both and am sending sine value from a tone generator to both the SPDIF as well as the I2S/SDATA_IN0. But no the DSP readback does always return 0, never anything else.

I'd suspect that I've missed to enable something I just can't figure out what it is. Please see the following SigmaStudio project for reference: I'd be glad to get some thoughts on this :)