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How to save volume / treble / bass into EEProm on self-boot mode of ADAU1701?

Hi everyone:
I am a newbie.I DIY a project using ADAU1701.
The specific UI is:
Use an encoder with buttons as input. 3 IOs will be used.
Use 3 LEDs as an indication that the current encoder should adjust volume / treble / bass
Use 6 LEDs to indicate volume / treble / bass levels.
All LEDs are low active (LED ON when IO = Low).

Currently I have implemented the following functions:
Press the button of the encoder to select the item to be adjusted (volume / treble / bass) and I can adjust the this item through the encoder.At the same time, 3 different LEDs indicate the item to be adjusted. 6 LEDs can indicate the level.

1. When I power on the ADAU1701 again, the volume / treble / bass will always become the default value. How do I make the ADAU1701 store the volume / treble / bass level? Do I need to change the C5 to 470uF?

2. Suppose I press the encoder's button so that I can adjust the treble. I hope that when I don't rotate the encoder in 5 seconds or press the encoder's button, wait 5 seconds, and I turn the encoder, it will adjust the volume direct instead of still adjusting the treble. How to achieve it?



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