ADAU 1452 Serial Output

I'm having trouble with serial output port 0. Ports 1-3 are working, but not 0 using identical settings in SigmaStudio.  Wondering if serial output 0 needs to be treated differently from the others.

I've routed them all through ASRC, with source = "From DSP channel", and ASRC's output rate is "Internal Fs". Serial output ports are configured to get their source from ASRC.

I've set up SPDIF input to send it's data to ASRC 0, and SPDIF output to get it's data from DSP core program.

I've have a simple schematic to pass the ASRC stereo input through a volume control, level monitor, T connection, then to outputs.  SPDIF ouput, and serial port outputs (using corresponding ASRC output) are connected to the T.

SPDIF Input / Output - Working.

ASRC4 / Serial Output 0 - Not working

ASRC5 / Serial Output 1 - Working

ASRC6 / Serial Output 2 - Working

ASRC7 / Serial Output3 - Working

I'm using  PCM5102A DACs, they can generate SCK internally, so I'm just sending Data, LRCLK, and BCLK for now. Wiring is under 3cm for all serial outputs.

Here's the Serial Output port configuration:

LRCLK / BCLK is master,

Word Length is 24 bits,

MSB Position is I2S,

TDM Mode is 2 channels, 32 bit/channel,

LRCLK type is 50/50 duty cycle clock,

both clocks are negative polarity,

Clock Generator is 1(48kHz) and

Sampling Rate is Fs.

Hoping you can point me to something obvious overlooked in setup, but suspect I have a physical problem with output port 0. Have attached zipped SigmaStudio files.


Bob Ashby

ADAU1452 Test i2s sp0 ouput_IC