questions about AEC-RES-NR example projects on ADAU1467

Hi Guys,

      I am running the example code for EVAL-ADAU1467Z and EVAL-MICCANVASZ. But I am confused about how to setup the hardware devices. Here is the SigmaStudio SCH.


     I find that there are two inputs (1 and 4 in the pic above)and 2 outputs(2 and 3 in the pic above) in the SCH. I am not sure what devices I need to connect to the interface on the EVAL-ADAU1467. And I also not sure that how can I test the performance of the AEC-NR module in this project.

    Anyone can help on this ?



  • Hi Yosen:

    To achieve this, you need some equipment like [2 audio source] / [1 earphone] / [2 speaker]

    For No.1(Far End): Feed audio source_A into it. (ex: mobile phone playing some music)

    For No.2(Monitor): Connect normal earphone to monitor your audio source_A or just leave it is okay.

    For No.4(Near End): Connect microphone, this mic need pick up two audio signal, which is source_A + source_B.

    And I use speaker to play the source_A signal, as for source_B, you can just say something to the mic.

    For No.3(Far End): Connect speaker to listen audio output. (When switch on: hear source_B only, switch off: hear source_A + B)

    you need to keep (Far End) and (Near End) at some distance, otherwise it is hard to identify whether (Far End) really eliminate source_A