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Replacing ADAU1442 with ADAU1467


for a redesign of a system with ADAU1442 and 5 AD1938 i want to replace the ADAU1442 with the ADAU1467. I try to remove the ADAU1442 in the hardware config, there is an error message "The selected IC is beeing used by one or more algorithmus..." which is clear.

Because there is a complex signalflow i don't want to draw the hole signalflow again.  Is there "trick" to replace the ADAU1442 with the ADAU1467 without drawing the signalflow again ? I thought that all algorithmus form ADAU1442 should work on ADAU1467 too ?

I also tried "cut and paste" the signalflow, but there are an amount of errors.

Is there an overview of the differences between ADAU1442 and ADAU1467 ?