Let`s add "Compare E2prom to File" button next to the "DownLoad File to E2Prom" button


Let`s add "Compare E2prom to File" button next to the "DownLoad File to E2Prom" button in the "Hardware Configuration / IC2 - WinE2PromLoader"!

It will make possible to check the content of memory when it is written by use of  "IC2 - WinE2PromLoader".

Or, there is some already usable function to do that?



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  • I guess you are talking about the command "Check Last Compilation vs E2PROM".

    It is not working when I am using the hex file which is not from current project, not just compiled.

    It is not good to use the mentioned command for manufacturing when I need just to write the hex file to the eprom and check the success.

    Can you suggest some (third party?) programming tool for manufacturing?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 21, 2019 5:49 PM over 1 year ago in reply to Raimonds

    Hello Raimonds,

    I have not looked into programming tools in a long time so I have no idea which ones are good. However, I think this is the best solution for production. Also, some suppliers will also stuff your files into a EEPROM and then ship the parts already programmed. Hopefully someone on the forum might have a suggestion. 

    If you want to verify the file using SigmaStudio then you will have to load in the exact same project into SigmaStudio and compile it. Then select the "Check Last Compilation vs EEPROM" command and it should work. 

    Dave T