ADAU1701 no output on internal DAC's


I made the following Project "DSPRiaa-I2S in".

The I2S Input is routed to I2S out and the digital Signal is ok.

However for easy measuring the signals i wanted to put the Output

to the internal DAC's as well, but to no avail.

I have 1.5 Volt DC Offset on the Outputs, but no Signal.

To test i made the Project "Test-Sinus" with a 1kHz Sine Generator

feeding the I2S Output and the 4 DAC's. The Signal is on I2S but None is on the DAC's.

I think that the Problem is in between my eary, but i can't find the error.

After that i inserted a 0.5Hz squarewave oscillator routed to MP7 but there is also no Signal present, just 3.3Volts

Any hints ?

Thanks in advance