ADAU 1452 MasterSPI not working


I´m trying to get my program from SigmaStudio 4.4 to the EEPROM connected to my ADAU1452.

The DSP is connected via the I²C-Slaveport to the PC.

The EEPROM (25AA1024) is connected via SPI-Masterport

Selfboot is turned off (LOW).

ADDR0 & ADDR1 are also Low.


The connection to the DSP works fine. I can read and write all the registers.

But if I try to use the "Write Latest Compilation through DSP" funktion, it doesnt work.

The I2C-connection is working fine but the SPI-comunication doesnt start (no movement on the Master SPI pins)

Supply voltage is Stable.

Did I forget any configuration?

Settings in SigmaStudio 4.4

Thanks in advance