SigmaStudio export human-readable values

Dear EngineerZone,

it is a long time ago i asked a similar question but the question is now closed. So I will ask again.

Is there any way to export all human-readable parameters out of sigma studio, like frequency, q, ripple and so on?

We are working on several projects where a microcontroller controls the DSP (ADAU1452). The user can change filter-frequency and a lot of different parameters or load whole presets. A very common use case. This means that we have to store all parameters inside the MCU to calculate the coefficiants. At the moment we have to copy all values from sigmastudio into our code by hand, which is a lot of work and not failure safe. Also when you think of whole presets. When we pepare a new preset in sigmastudio we have to copy everything again by hand. 

It would be great if there is a way to get on these vaules instead of only the coefficiants. 

Best regards and thanks in advance,