Mixed sample rates 32k in 48k out ADAU1761 is it possible

I have a circuit that works well with 3 ADAU1761 and an additional AKM stereo A-D and a Wavefront dedicated reverb chip All works at 48k sample rate 16 bit. I am looking to integrate wireless mics directly from the rx digital signal, instead of conversion to analog, then A-D again at input of the ADAU1761. The problem is, the design works on 48k sample rate and DSP. The wireless system is set at 32k 16 bit. Is it possible to integrate the different rates on the same interconnected IC's. IS there a coding scheme to integrate the slower sampled I2S, Or is there a IC solution to convert the 32k to a 48k  without D-A conversion?

TIA for any advice


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