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ADAU1701 size program trouble

Hi Sir,

I'm using an ADAU1701 with a 24C32 eeprom.

I'm building a small program (in sigmastudiio) comprising

- 1 adc input, and 1 dac out

- 2 lowpass filter, and a volume control

- 10 logic cells (and, or), 3 timers and some T connections, driving 5 gpios

The program take around 80 words (in xxDSP_IC1.h file), and it works fine running it by pressing "Link Compile Download" button and selfbooting from eeprom.

But if I try to add some other blocks, the program can't run (nor online by sigmastudio, nor by selfboot from eeprom). There are no compiler error nor linker error, but it run casual. It seems to have filled the entire program memory, but of course it can't be possible.

Sigmastudio tells eeprom usage around 50%.

What can I check?