How to use 1452 or 1701 make a signal level detector to make LED has different brightness while signal strength change?


I want to use 1701 and 1452 to make a level detector to detect the signal strength,

but I don't know how to use blocks to make led brightness will follow the signal strength.

The led brightness level will follow the signal strength, if signal is stronger the led will more bright, the other side, the lower signal level will cause lower led brightness

(I think this may use the PWM to make led bright level)

any tips for making this function?



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 1, 2019 1:13 PM over 1 year ago in reply to zlb898

    Hello Liangbin,

    No problem with the questions, you can keep asking them! I do not have any reverb solutions worked out so I cannot help you with that. The 1701 does not have enough memory and processing power to make a decent reverb but the 1452 has more capability and the 1466 has even twice the memory of the 1452. The 1451 is a little limited as well. Making a good reverb is all about getting many reflections at different times and so the more delay memory the better. I would guess there are some discussion boards on the web about how to construct reverb algorithms. The 1452/1466 family of parts do come with a reverb cell in the library that you already found. So that would save you a lot of time unless you are looking for more control of the reverb.

    Dave T