ADAU1442 EVM self-boot not working


I have an EVAL-ADAU144XEB board. I use SigmaStudio 4.2 and USBi to communicate with the board and the board works fine, except that I cannot get self-boot working. When I reset the board, nothing happens except D4 COMMS is flashing. 

I can write to the onboard Microchip 24AA256 EEPROM from SigmaStudio and I can read out the contents of the EEPROM. The board has the R164 and R165 2k resistors mounted.

I have set the selfboot pin to "1" using the S2 switch, like shown here:

I have set the page size to 64 and the number of address bytes to 2.

I have tried removing the USBi before booting, like suggested here:

The schematic I have used for testing contains a single high-pass filter between input pin 0 and output pin 0. When the selfboot pin is enabled, "Link Compile Download" in SigmaStudio does not work, i.e. the effect is not audible. Is this functionality and selfboot supposed to be mutual exclusive?

I am wondering if it is not working because:

1) The ADAU1442 chip simply does not read the EEPROM at boot. If this is likely, how can I check it?

2) The stored data on the EEPROM is in a wrong format or something is missing. Should I use another page size and number of address bytes?



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