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ADAU1701 -- Output a copy of the I2S audio input to an I2S output

The context is:

Custom board designed to be modular --- each particular board will use either L, or R, or possibly both, and may work with a particular audio band or with the full spectrum.

Thus, I want to output the entire audio input  ("entire" as in:  both channels, full bandwidth --- simply put: an exact copy of the input) so that the next modules (the next boards) can use any portions of the audio as they need.

EDIT:  Forgot to mention:  the reason why I don't simply have each board "tap" into a master/broadcast I2S set of signals is that one of the modules may actually get audio from the DACs;  then, that module would output the audio through I2S for the rest of the modules to work with it.

For the ADAU1701 in SigmaStudio, I understand that ports 2 and 3 of an Input control map to L and R (respectively) of the first I2S input --- correct?  (the documentation says "first channel in I2S or TDM stream" --- not 100% sure what "first channel" means).  And Dig0 and Dig1 map to L and R of the first I2S output (SDATA_OUT0).

Is it just a matter of connecting port 2 of the input to a Dig0 output control, and port 3 to Dig1 ?   (see example in the figure below, where the module would implement a 2-way crossover for the left channel, so that presumably a second module would do the same for the right channel)

SigmaStudio example of I2S in to I2S out

Any special configuration needed?


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