ADAU1467-eval and ext SPI delay

Hi All,

I'm trying to get the external SPI delay working on the ADAU1467-EVAL board. Sadly without any luck. I've read all the documentation and searched here on the forums, but nothing appears to be working. Could someone maybe share a project or give me some pointers to get it working for the ADAU1467?

With kind regards,


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  • Hey Thomas,

    i have no ADAU1467 to test but i do have several projects with external SPI delay based upon ADAU1452. Hopefully they are pin and register compatible so i think it should work as is. External SRAM is 23LC1024, what type are you using?

    This is how i setup Sigma Studio, SS for ext RAM is MP8:

    Slave select channel in MP8 is zero

    Hope it helps