ADAU1401 I2C communication after Self-Boot


I'm a little bit stuck after reading datasheets,ez, and googling...

My goal to get ADAU1401 selfbooting and control volume gain from RaspberryPI(RPi) over I2C.

I have ADAU1401 board configured to work in Self-Boot mode with EEPROM attached to it (SELFBOOT pin connected to 3.3V, SDA and SCLK pulled high).

I designed simple system for tests in SigmaStudio 4.2 (I2S in/out , LED blinking at GPIO2), And got (RPi) write the selfboot image to the board's EEPROM. System is working I have audio out and LED blinking.

But I still unable to get control over ADAU1401 on I2C bus. After booting there is no 0x68/0x69 addresses on bus. Only 0x50 of EEPROM.

According to datasheet page28 (Self-Boot), after booting ADAU1401 becomes slave to receive commands. But it's never happening.. or I'm doing something completely wrong.

I's there some pin configuration that can prevent ADAU1401 to get slave on I2C ? or maybe some system design?

Thank you.


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