how to calculation xover frequency coefficent?

Hi Helper,

I am not see superbass algorithm in SigmaStudio Help, I am currently use SigmaStudio v3.15.

There are 16 sets 8.24 sent every time change Xover Freq, we would need add algorithm into processor, please send me superbass document.

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  •      Hello Gavin,

         Likely you wish to have your product's microcontroller calculate these coefficients to make the Super Bass user-adjustable.  Obviously, someone at AD knows the necessary formulas, but since your query has gone unanswered I'll attempt to help.  Below right, the Super Bass' crossover frequency is set to 200 Hz, with the resulting coefficients appearing in the Capture Window.  Recognizing some of the coefficients as that of first and second-order filters, I went experimenting with their parameters until their coefficients lined up with those in the Capture Window as shown.  The resulting spreadsheet (below, left) provided 13 of the 16 coefficients:

        The other three coefficients vary rather wildly with the crossover frequency and I was unable to figure them out.  One suggestion is to exercise the Capture Window with as many different frequency choices as you plan to provide your end user (example: 20, 30, 40 Hz...).  Build a lookup table to store these coefficients in your microcontroller's code to provide these coefficients.  Translate the formulas in my spreadsheet to C code to calculate the remaining 13 coefficients, and you're done.

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