the command "Check Last Compilation vs E2PROM" is crashing


Everything is working fine with my project on ADAU1701

But I have an issue with the command "Check Last Compilation vs E2PROM".

It crashes USB communications with error message "A USB communication failure has occured".

I need to reset the iUSB interface by disconecting/conncting USB cable for SigmaStudio 3.16 to recover from this error.

SigmaStudio 4.2 is able to recover just by fresh use of "Compile Link Download" F7.

Same time I am able to see (read back from memory) the content of EPROM by use of "Read E2Prom to Display" in "Hardware Configuration/ IC2 - Win E2Prom Loader" tab.

And it is same as .hex file loaded by use of "Display file".

What is wrong with "Check Last Compilation vs E2PROM" if communications are OK to read back from EPROM?

Second thing, the command (button) "Upload E2Prom To File" is not working without any kind of response. Any advice?



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  • Hello Raimonds,

    Which version of SigmaStudio are you using? You mentioned 3.16, That is an older version and I recall some issues with writing to EEPROMS using the ADAU1452 but not with the 1701. Have you tried this with REV 4.2?

    Are you using I2C or SPI?

    Can you disable the selfboot on the 1701? If the board happens to be reset then it will try to boot when you try to check it.

    Also, make sure the WB function is not being triggered.

    Dave T

  • Hello sir ,

    I am working on Adua 1401 .I am using sigma studio but when I download program then following message continuous on screen .It means program download in progress how to resolve it please help me.

    If I Abort then