ADAU1702 - TDM mode configuration.


I'm having difficulties configuring the TDM mode on my ADAU1702, and I'm running out of ideas. I am trying to configure the TDM in to send 2 samples to the 4 DACs and despite my best efforts it's still not working.

- I tried routing the input block of sigmaDSP to the dac (as attached), but with the ADAU1702, the input bock only show analog input (As opposed to the ADAU1701 where the input offers 2 analog input and 8 serial in) and that configuration doesn't seem to make sense in regards of the documentation that states that in TDM mode, slots 0 to to 3 are the first half of the audio frame and slots 4 to 7 are the second half.

- My master is sending a 2 samples over 4 channels every 20us or so (attached), with a pulse as LRCLK delauyed by one BCLK.

If some could let me know what I'm missing here that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,