Sound distortion when loading registers from STM32

Good day!

I use the STM32F303RC microcontroller, DSP ADAU1452 (xtal 24.576) in conjunction with the ADAU1962A DAC (clocked with DSP).

The compiled project in SigmaStudio placed in the STM32 memory and after the microcontroller restarted, the firmware and registers are loaded into the DSP memory via the I2C bus (400kHz speed), but sometimes there is a strong distortion of the sound on the DAC output, noticed that the problem is corrected after enabling and disabling 0xF003 PLL Enable register. Sometimes it has to be done 2 or more times.

I can not deal with this problem for more than a month, I tried everything. I changed the speed of I2C to the minimum values, made a check of the recorded registers in the DSP, did everything written in ADAU1452, but this problem does not go away. I ask for advice what could be the problem? Or is it possible to somehow determine that something is wrong with the PLL?

Thank! I will be glad to any advice!

PS when using the SELFBOOT mode this problem is not present, always loaded with a normal sound.

Attached a video with the problem and the project file in SigmaStudio