ADAU1701 TDM Input Processors as Slave


I am updating some designs and replacing a codec with an ADAU1701 and I am having a bit of an issue getting the audio Data in.  I have used the ADAU1452 in some of our other projects and am familiar with the codec interface in Linux and believe at this point i have made the required modifications for this to work but still no luck.  Currently i have a good bitclock and lrclock and the linux audio interface is happy on the logic analizer i get a 48khz bclk 12.288 bclk and there appears to be data coming out of the Linux processor.  After reading the manual i determined that i needed to connect LRCLK and BCLK in with LRCLK and BCLK out so that the ADAU1701 can act as master.  While i have done this with a white-wire and configured the gpio as shown in the screen shots i still get no audio input to the ADAU1701.  Also just as a side note i have placed a signal generator in the dsp as a replacement for the input  and i got the signal on my output so this is how i determined that there is an issue with input.   The MCLK is being driven by a 12.288 oscillator as well so just as a side note and pll is set to 256xfs.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am sure there is something minor i have missed.


Ed McNicholas