ADAU144x and ADAU1962 TDM8 serial output configuration.

Hello, I'm having troubles setting the serial ports to TDM8, I've previously worked with 2 channel DACs and SigmaDSP but this has me stumped.

ADAU1962 is master in standalone mode, TDM8 pulse.

ADAU1446 is slave. I'm using clock domain 3.

ADAU1446 serial out 3 outputs to DSDATA1 on ADAU1962.

ADAU1446 serial out 0 outputs to DSDATA2 on ADAU1962.

I am able to get a signal from the DSP to DAC outputs by setting TDM type to TDM2(stereo), this is obviously incorrect but at least suggests the hardware is working.

I feel like I've tried every configuration under the sun but as a starting point, here are my current settings. Any help appreciated. Thanks.