Is there any application guide for SSM3525?


I would like to use the SSM3525 to characterize a loudspeaker such that the power delivered into a varying load impedance is proportional  to input signal only.

Ideally, I would like to be able to key in a nominal value of the loudspeaker and let the digital loop do the rest. It would be very convenient if a block to do such a thing is made (for the SSM3525) available in next releases of SigmaStudio.

Is there any application note to this tune already available?

Axign has developed AX5689 controller with features very similar to that  in the SSM3525, without the power stage.

It would be awesome to have such a multi channel controller built into the SigmaDSP processor to get a very flexible single chip solution for class-D amplifiers. Is anything along these lines in the pipeline for near future release?

Thanks in advance!!