Sigma Studio DSP layout question (using ADAU1701)

Hi Bob,

I have 2 questions, but I'll start with this one:  I created a 2 -way speaker EQ design a couple of years ago using Sigma studio, with the help of my supplier in China.  We had some self noise in the amp design, so they addressed that problem with a lot of instructions in the file...(I don't even know what theyre doing, frankly).  It seemed to help, so we left them in there, but I just want you to look at that design (see attached FPX7 file).  

The reason I ask is that I'm beginning another design now (another 2-way speaker) and I want to avoid those (possibly)superfluous elements.  I have attached the much more stripped down model (FX5).  I guess I'm just wondering if you can make any suggestions with these, because I want to minimize instructions and resources.

Thanks again,

KevinDSP files to