Programming the EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ from MCU via I2C


I would like to program the EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ via I2C from an MCU. I am following the this link how-do-i-create-the-microcontroller-code-to-interface-to-my-sigmadsp

I will not use the SPI for this project.

  • What should i do to be able to access the i2c port. Everytime i remove the ADUSB2Z usb cable the EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ stops (reset and usb_reset led switch to ON) ?
  • I am able to program the board via SPI (0x01) .But why does switching to I2C (i tested all the address) in the Hardware config tab of the Sigma Studio do not program the board ?