ADAu1467 can't self-boot from AT25DF321A (EEPROM)


We needed to have apparently really large size EEPROM for our application. So the designer used "AT25DF321A" which is 32 Mbit SPI flash memory.

The ADAU1467 failed to self-boot successfully when AT25DF321A was attached. the self-boot worked successfully when  AT25DF321A replaced  with 25AA1024. 

I couldn't find any  approved EEPROM list for ADAU1467.

I appreciate it if you explain why we have this issue?

Thanks, Semi

  • Hello Semi,

    The AT25DF321A has Sector Protection bits that are set to write protect by default. SigmaStudio is not programmed to clear these bits before writing to the part. This is what I suspect to be the problem. I think there is a work-around and I will experiment with a possible workaround for you.

    Dave T

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