Writing a selfboot EEPROM (ADAU1701)

Hello folks,

I'm trying to write to my board's EEPROM directly with I2C and not use a USBi device with SigmaStudio (small project, not looking to invest in an expensive USBi/Eval board). However I'm running into some problems. Right now, I'm trying to go thru the Initialization section of the datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADAU1701.pdf, page 17), which says that to test a simple audio pass-through, all you have to do is turn off the default muting of the converters, clear the data registers, and initialize the DAC setup register. Specifically:

  1. DSP Core Control Register (Address 2076) - Set Bits[4:2] (ADM, DAM, and CR) each to 1.
  2. DAC Setup Register (Address 2087) - Set Bits[0:1] (DS[1:0]) to 01.

Following the Selfboot guide (pages 27-28), I'm writing to my EEPROM 2 messages that should be setting the DSP/DAC registers correctly and just passing audio through easily. I've verified that the EEPROM is being written to successfully (it is programmed while WP is held low). After programming the EPPROM & power cycling the board for good measure, it should be booting from EEPROM, and allowing audio to pass through. Here's a quick visual of my command structure:

Note: the rest of the EEPROM is filled with 0x00, which should end the selfboot.

When the board powers with this EEPROM configuration, nothing happens- no audio is being passed through. I've tried similar setups of writing the payload that is shown in the Selfboot section of the datasheet, writing SigmaStudio's exported save file data (with a simple passthrough program) but nothing seems to work. Not sure how I can really debug this more, so if anyone else has any experience in making selfboot EEPROMs and can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, I'd greatly appreciate it!