PEQ peaking filter shifted 1 octave in actual measurements

Hello, I'm a new user to SigmaStudio, learning via the EVAL-ADAU1466Z board.  I am using it to develop an active loudspeaker.

I have set up self-boot by adding an E2PROM block and ostensibly written the program to it per the steps detailed in the user guide.

I am currently testing just one PEQ filter from choosing Filters>Double Precision>Parametric EQ.  I set its parameters to 1000 Hz, -12 dB, .5 Q.  When I put the EVAL-ADAU1466Z in the system and measure the loudspeaker DUT, I do not see the expected result.  I can compare the EVAL-ADAU1466Z with a different manufacturer's DSP solution with the same filter setting, which produces the expected obvious broad, large dip at 1000 Hz in the DUT's magnitude curve.  The EVAL-ADAU1466Z instead appears to be applying the PEQ, at 500 Hz instead of 1000 Hz. 

I have double checked the program in SigmaStudio and repeated the steps to write the latest compiled to the E2PROM and enabled self-boot.  I do not currently have the ability to measure the DUT with the EVAL-ADAU1466Z while SigmaStuido is connected due to a computer location and USB cable length limitation.

Below is a screen capture of schematic tab with the PEQ selected.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!