ADAU1466 ASRC for DSP internal data


I'm looking for an example on how to do samplerate conversion for DSP internal data using the ASRC blocks.

I'm using the ADAU1466 evaluation board and run a program on 48kHz. I'd like to do most processing with 48kHz but some parts only with 32kHz to save memory.

I thought of using the ASRC block to convert a pair of DSP channels to 32kHz, do some processing with 32kHz and convert them back to 48kHz to mix with other signals.

Typing that I'm wondering if the DSP core can execute instructions on 2 different sample rates...?

Attached is my first test which shows me in ARC0 a ratio of 1.5 (ok for 48 -> 32kHz) but 1.0 for ASRC1 which is not ok.