Powering ADAU1701 MINIZ


I'm trying to power the adau1701 miniz evaluation board from a power supply independent from the computer. I connect the power supply cords to the barrel jack instead of the battery input pins as I messed the soldering points at the battery input pins. When the switch is turned on, the light on the board is lit, indicating that the board is powered. However, the output signal is pure white noise.

When I turn the switch off, and power the board using the programmer board and the USBi, connecting the jumper, the light is lit and the program I compiled to the board is running.

From the data sheet, powering the board either by USBi or by battery should have the same consequence, however, in my case, the power supply from battery messed up with the board, while the USBi power supply does not.

Can anyone help me with this problem? I need the board to be powered by battery alone.

Here are the pictures of my project:

Bottom view:

Also, here is the program I compile to the board:

I'm new to sigma studio, and therefore the setup is modified from the example given from the data sheet. Again, can someone please help me?