ADAU1466 core not running

Hi !

I recently received my ADAU1466 boards with Cirrus ADC and DACs. Today I had some time to evaluate them further.

I set up the hardware in sigma studio - mostly the serial ports- since the rest is similar to the evaluation board. In the schematic I set up the inputs and routed them directly to the outputs; I also set up a sine generator to test the outputs independently.

I downloaded the program to the DSP - no errors occurred. 

However, none of the two setups worked. The DACs produced no output. 

I checked the serial data lines; MCLK, LRCLK and BCLK were present. No signal on the SDATA lines. 

I went on to check the hardware setup in sigma studio. In the "CORE_CONTROL" tap it said that the core is not running. When holding the curser over the "Start Core" button, it says "no bitfield information".  It also says that the DSP is hibernating. These settings can be changed but have no effect when "Read the Page" is clicked. 

Strangely, all the serial port settings that I have made earlier on, are also overwritten when the DSP is in this state; again, these settings can be changed but do not apply to the DSP.

Perhaps also worth mentioning; there is a clear difference in current draw between a reset state/ not booted state versus the booted state whereas the DSP puts out clock signals. So the DSP must be doing something, even though it says "Core not running"

I would highly appreciate if you could help me sort out this -hopefully minor- error !

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Forgot: "When holding the curser over the "Start Core" button, it says "no bitfield information". "
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