PVDD/PGND in ADAU1701 --- digital or analog?

I'm planning to have two distinct areas of the board for digital ground plane and analog ground plane, joined at a single point.

Should PGND be connected to the analog ground plane, or digital ground plane?  The datasheet states, for PVDD:  "3.3 V Power Supply for the PLL and the Auxiliary ADC Analog Section".  That sounds extremely scary  :-\  PLL sounds not only digital, but as noisy as it gets for a digital signal, since it is all edges.  Does the chip really mix that with circuits in the analog section???

Another "scary" detail in the datasheet is that it states that "The AGND, DGND, and PGND pins can be tied directly together in a common ground plane" --- I would *much* rather isolate digital and analog ground planes, connecting them at a designated point only.

Any comments?  Have people out there successfully designed boards with a single ground plane?  (by successfully, I mean:  do they work well, with good noise and EMI behaviour?)