ADAU1466 memory compile error in SigmaStudio 4.1

(Updated to include pictures) I originally posted this in another thread, but did not get a response.  While using SigmaStudio 4.1, with the ADAU1466, I run into a memory problem.  This problem appears to have been resolved in the past (version 3.15), but I see it repeatedly with version 4.1. 


I have several variations on my ADAU1466 test project, but the fundamental problem is that as I approach 32k of memory total in data memory (DM0), I get the following error (Not sure why pics are not showing up.  Check the other thread): 




Below is one of my test designs.  This one compiles fine, however, when increasing the Max samples on any delay block by 1 generates the error. 




I can generate the error with 2 delay blocks of 16383, or 4 delay blocks of 8191, one of 16383 and two 8191, etc.  Add one and it fails.


This is repeatable, and with the latest version of SigmaStudio that I have (4.1). 




I hope this is easy to fix, since apparently it was fixed once before...