How can I check the working state of ADAU1452

During the ADAU1452 is working, I want to know whether the ADAU1452 is working normally or not. Is there some registers indicated the core state, whether the code overrun, whether the input/output sport is working normally, and whether the ram has some error, Or some methods to check the working state.

We find that  ADAU1452 can not work normally maybe because of the power interference. Sometimes the ADAU1452 does not output. or Sometimes outputs the unnormal noise. So We want to knew the method of checking the working state of ADAU1452. We can use the Mcu to communicate with the ADAU1452. 


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 7, 2019 9:50 PM

    Hello latera17,

    Sorry this post was missed so long ago. I will provide an answer to part of your questions. 

    We recently implemented a way to monitor code overruns. You can use it with SigmaStudio and with an MCU. Have a look at this post for an explanation:

    For checking the functional state there are a few different ways to do it. You can use a Watchdog. I will be posting about that as well soon. So search for "Watchdog" on the forum and you should find it. PM me if you do not.

    Many people will also setup a low frequency oscillator in the DSP and either run it to a GPIO so that it can provide a heartbeat to an MCU or the MCU can poll the output of the oscillator to see if it is changing. You can also monitor the program counter. You can also setup a counter in your program and read it to see if it is changing.

    Then a more complicated setup is to use the Panic Manager. This will also help to trap any errors. Using a combination of all these methods will provide a fairly robust way to monitor the DSP.

    It is rather unusual to have problems with the DSP stopping or sending out noise. So there may be more going on with your hardware design. Is the master clock stable?

    Is there noise on the IOVDD power that might be resetting the DSP?

    It would take studying the clocks going into the DSP when an error occurs or just after an error occurs.

    Sorry for the delay. Hopefully I will be able to help should a new problem arise and not take as long.

    Dave T