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SigmaDSP YouTube Channel

Category: Software
Software Version: SigmaStudio Rev 4.7

Hello SigmaDSP and SigmaStudio community!

This discussion post will serve as an announcement of a new YouTube channel I have started to host videos about SigmaStudio and how to program the SigmaDSP products. I have just started this and I have a long list of videos I will be producing as time permits. I feel this will be a good addition to this support forum on EngineerZone. The first batch of videos that are there as I write this are for beginners but more detailed videos will be up there eventually. 

Feel free to send me a PM or write in the comments suggestions for topics. If you do send me a PM make sure to also send me a friend request so I can respond. 

Please subscribe and I hope this will be of value to you.

Dave T